Illuminating Photography: A Quick Camera History Lesson with Eva Timothy


Here’s something quick and fun that you might want to share with your clueless but shutter-happy friend: an animated video by photographer Eva Timothy tracing the evolution of cameras!

Let’s face it, if there was one thing we can all agree upon by judging each other’s Internet life, it’s that everybody likes taking photos. In fact, it has been estimated that around 380 BILLION photographs are being taken in the world each year. Quite a staggering amount, don’t you think?

But one should wonder, do all those people even know how it all started?

No? Then they might find this TedEd lesson from photographer Eva Timothy worth a watch! This 5-minute video effectively gives the gist of the history of photography, that even the most stubborn of students will appreciate!

You can read more about the lesson here.

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