Karnak Temple


Well known Karnak Temple is situated in Luxor. Karnak Temple is constituted of many buildings reminisceting small town but not a separate construction. This place is one from “Have to see in Egypt” list

Karnak Temple complex consists of many constructions that were built for many thousand years ago by several pharaohs. In the New Kingdom epoch each pharaohs began to build his own contribution to expand the dwelling-place of his godlike father Amun. The most prominent builders were Thutmose I, Thutmose III, Hatshepsut, Amenhotep III, Ramesses I, II and III, Libyan Kings of XXII Dynasty and Ptolemaic Dynasty which ruled Egypt before Roman conquest.

Karnak Temple complex consists of 3 big parts dedicated to the Lord of Thebes solar Amun-Re(Precinct Of Amun-Re, most interest and well surviving), his wife and the patroness of pharaohs wives Mut (Precinct Of Mut, South side) and them son lunar god Monty(Precinct Of Monty, North side, in ruins).

Precinct of Amun-Re is the most interest. Construction of this giant building was beginning by Amenhotep III and 12 columns (23m. height) of central nave were created in his reign. Next pharaohs Seti I and Ramesses II continued the construction. The one of main point of interest in Precinct of Amun-Re is Hypostyle Hall. It has 103 m. in length, 56m. in deep and 134 columns with different bas-reliefs and cartouches. Then on the way in deep of complex you’ll see big pylons which marked the confines of expandable architecture of Karnak Temple. Between 3rd and 4th pylons there is Temple of Amenhotep IV with big obelisk. Behind 4th pylon there is Hatshepsut obelisk (30 m. height). Beyond 6th pylon there is a small yard leads to sanctuary and there are 2 big columns of rose-colored granite in front of it which symbolized Upper and Lower Egypt Kingdoms. Then you go through so called “solar” rooms. Not far from north wall there is small Temple of Ptah which was built during Thutmose II reign. From the South side of Karnak Temple there is a small sacred lake with big granite scarab on the border. This scarab was respected as a sacred being in ancient Egypt and till these days’ crowds of tourists’ round dances about it.

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