Colors of Spring With Lomography CN 400

2013-03-22 1

Especially in low light conditions, we can get tangible results with 400 ISO films than other films. They neither have lots of grain like high ISO films nor very clear ones. Rather, it’s just right. So, how is the Lomography CN 400 film?

Credits: merveengin

I love using 400 ISO films in autumn. The reason may be the film gives me less saturated shades, and it never disappoints me in outdoor shoot in low light.

Credits: merveengin

I guess, another reason is its ability to capture moving moments. When I took the above photo, I wasn’t really sure to be able to shoot my friend up in the air. However, after developing, this photo was the most hilarious I’ve ever seen!

Credits: merveengin
Credits: merveengin

For the first time I’ve tried Lomography CN 400, it was able to give me what the other 400 ISO films gave me. I can say that I’m satisfied all the pictures except for a few underexposed photos. In fact, the yellow and brown tones amazed me. It is quite convenient to use in spring or the fall.

Credits: merveengin

I definitely recommend CN 400 film to very clean, high contrast, and vivid color film lovers.

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  1. pam-stach
    pam-stach ·

    definitely want to try out CN 400 now :) + amazing pictures !

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