Nature Photography Tipster: My Own Set of Formula

2013-03-19 4

While taking photographs on those trees and flowers, I have my personal preference on the framing and composition. Let’s have a look at my 3 tips on taking easy, breezy, beautiful “nature shots” after the jump!

There are no four seasons in Singapore, due to its geographical location. That means we always have the sun stand on our side, allowing us to present the lushest green at any time. In this article, I would like to share the tips that I acquired after taking some photos at the Singapore Botanical Garden.

Against the big blue sky

The sky is temperamental. Sometimes it is gloomy sometimes bright. Every picture tells a story, while the sky is responsible for the plot. Personally, I love putting the subject against the sky, with not much of the clouds, it always gives soothing atmosphere to the photograph.

Credits: an_lai_drew

One at a Time

Flowers bloom relentlessly during the spring. But sometimes less is more. Audition a bunch of flowers and search for the perfect representative. Let it stand out amongst the others.

Credits: an_lai_drew

Silhouettes & Contrast

We Lomographers love silhouettes and contrast, don’t we? The pitch black shadow is capable of carving the details that the normal shots could not. Just be sure to position your subject of the photograph against the sun, it is as simple as that.

Credits: an_lai_drew

I hope that these three humble tips would help you while you enjoy your Spring Lomo-Hunt Season!

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  1. pvehk
    pvehk ·

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. an_lai_drew
    an_lai_drew ·

    @wontonowisdom, @neanderthalis, @deafkneee, @pvehk, @adi_totp, thanks for the likes! :D

  3. bitteraloevera
    bitteraloevera ·

    Not to forget some white lovely clouds together with the big blue sky :D

  4. an_lai_drew
    an_lai_drew ·

    @bitteraloevera, " )

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