Fisheye Baby Bauhaus: A Light and Tiny Creature that Loves the Sun

2013-03-14 1

The Fisheye Baby 110 is a good choice, when you need something small, convenient, and unnoticeable, although it’s hard to go unnoticed since you are carrying such a cute miniature! There are many reviews on the Fisheye Baby 110 but I still would like to share my excitement and few comments if you are interested.

I have considered for sometime whether I should purchase another camera with different film format aside from 35mm, but Fisheye Baby Bauhaus is irresistible! Finally, I used piggies to bring it back!

I’m not going to elaborate more on the camera specifications, features, and functionality, as my purpose here is to share my photos and my experience with using this camera.

To simplify in few points:

1) It is super tiny and light but not to doubt on its credibility.

2) It can capture very wide angled photos, you might think it is too near when you look at viewfinder but when you see the outcome you will change your mind. I was standing really close distance with the object when taking these photos, I was really standing quite near! Ended up with a shot that it still seems too far.

3) When you need big head effect, make sure to stand really, really near your subject, with your subject’s head almost touching the lens, and it should fill in the view fully when you see it through the viewfinder.

4) The Fisheye Baby likes the sun. Here are some photos taken under the hot, bright sun:

Also, here are some underexposed photos taken indoor or gloomy day or evening.

5) Hold it firmly to avoid shake.

6) You can use it to create a special effect by turning half frame after shooting.

7) Remember to remove the lens cap when you are ready to shoot! Don’t repeat my mistake!

Overall, I like this camera, except that it really likes the daylight too much. But I promise to myself that I will bring this baby along whenever I go for outdoor activities!

Let’s Lomo!

We’re bringing 110 photography back to life with a bang! The Fisheye Baby 110 is packed with fabulous features such as 170-degree lens and multiple and long exposure capabilities. This fully-working miniature version of the Fisheye No. 2 also features a PC flash adaptor so you can light up your shots! Pair it with our 110 format films available in the Online Shop!

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