Analogue Day Activity: Learn How to Play the Guitar or Any Other Instrument


Imagine being stuck inside on a rainy day. The skies are grey, and almost everything is at a standstill. As tempting as the idea of logging on and surfing the blues away sounds, why not pick up an instrument and make some sweet music?

Credits: buckshot, brommi, ropi, libellule, rmnooii & scritcci

Don’t get me wrong, rainy days aren’t the only days where you can start making music – any time is the perfect time!

Music is a form of expression. Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end, music is very much able to evoke emotion and affect the mood of the surroundings. And when you find yourself alone, music also makes good company!

So don’t be afraid to pick up a guitar or any instrument of your choice! If you’re a newbie and you’re just learning, don’t fret about not being as good as the pros. After all, every master was once a beginner.

Go ahead, let the music flow.

How do you make your life a little bit more analogue with each day’s passing? Aside from these Analogue Day Activities we’ve been sharing, why don’t you inspire your fellow lomographers as we inch closer to the worldwide Film Photography Day celebrations and share with us your own stories? Remember, you can also schedule your own meet-ups for the big event, show your analogue life through an awesome video, and profess your love for all things analogue with some of your best snaps!

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