In Full Bloom: Magnolia or the Explosion of Color


Winter is grey, at least in the north. With the cold and bare trees, Lorenzo decided to come and from the thin branches of a bare tree comes an explosion of color. If you have your camera with you will not be able to resist and you will take a picture. In any other case, you will go running to take any camera.

Credits: rudemuinho

The magnolia tree is a small tree from China that begins to bloom before spring and becomes really spectacular, with the flowering occurring earlier than most other plants. We must remember the peculiar fact that it blooms before it grows leaves, so that the effect “explosion of color” rises to its greatest exponent: big and bright pink flowers that emerge from a seemingly dry tree, at least so during the winters in Galiza.

Here you can see the buds before flowering

In the photos above, we can see how well you can photograph the beautiful magnolia of my parents’ house with a Russian LC-A and Elitechrome EB100, even in the most difficult lighting conditions.

Without a doubt, the best friend for a flower, is another flower.

Credits: rudemuinho

Those last pictures were taken with a Holga TLR 135 with a defect in the shutter, which causes a portion of the negative to be exposed longer, creating results with a dreamlike, blurry effect.

The best thing is that it is a widely grown variety and it can be easily found even on the streets of the cities, so “Don’t think, just shoot” is even easier to follow, if you take your cameras with you always.

The following photos are an example of how easy it is to find them in the Lomography community:

Credits: rache1 & scorpie

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