It's True: Use the LC-A+ and Fall in Love with It!

2013-03-08 1

The Lomo LC-A+ won my heart as it turned out to be a great companion during my side excursion to the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as into the depths of Fort Point.

I bought my new LC-A+ not long ago with the intentions of using it while in San Francisco for MacWorld 2013. My new LC-A+ was one of 4 cameras that I elected to bring with me for my week long stay in San Francisco and the one I picked to shoot with during my visit to the Golden Gate Bridge. I’m no stranger the the Golden Gate but I’ve never had the chance to photograph this Bridge and I was excited to finally get this chance on such a perfect day filled with sunshine and a brilliant blue sky. I shot Kodak Color 400 ISO film because I also planned to visit Fort Point, a historical landmark which sits beneath the south end of the Golden Gate.

Credits: adventuresinanalog

The LC-A+ offers what I think is the best in Lomo hardware — a great viewfinder, a simple film advance, quick focusing, great glass, and reliable automatic exposure. Even without seeing the results while I advanced my way through each roll of film that I shot, I felt that the LC-A+ was doing it’s job correctly. It was a weird sense of confidence perhaps brought on by all the stories from other LC-A+ owners and their successful outings.

Shooting inside Fort Point didn’t seem to bring on any major challenges in lighting or exposure, although there were plenty of dark rooms, hallways, and corners that could have used a small detached strobe and colored gels to create more interesting lighting effects. Perhaps a return trip in a few months with more of a strobists setup is in order.

While shooting the Golden Gate Bridge as well as Fort Point, I captured a fair amount of awesome images with my iPhone, but I must admit that my LC-A+ did very well producing images that were only slightly less sharp, some vignetting and a lot more grain — but that’s what film is all about, right? I had planned to shoot 800 ISO film in the fort but in hindsight, 400 speed turned out to be a good choice.

As a side note:

There’s one image which is my favorite, it’s the first in the slideshow posted with this article. It’s of the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge as seen and shot from below while standing in the center of the Fort Point courtyard. I made two images, one with my iPhone 4s and the other with my LC-A+. The images have slightly different angles and aspect ratios but are basically the same. What surprised and impressed me was how well the LC-A+ did capturing this image; I was sure the sky was going to be blown-out, or some crazy lens flare due to the angle of the sun, or God forbid the focus was off due to camera shake — but it all came together producing a great image. The LC-A+ ROCKS!

If you ever have a chance to visit San Francisco, make plans to visit Fort Point — check with the park rangers in the visitor’s center on the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge for info on how to get down to the fort.

The Lomo LC-A+ is known worldwide for its amazing features: automatic exposure, extended ISO range, and multiple and long exposure capabilities. Get your own Lomo LC-A+ now!

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  1. myloft
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    love the shots! LC-A+ is my perfect companion too

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