Analogue Day Activity: Write a handwritten memo or essay.


These days, for anything that requires us to take down notes or make memos, we just whip out a laptop or head over to the computer to type them away. Of course, it hasn’t always been that easy, because people used to write notes, memos, notices, letters, and manuscripts by hand all the time!

There was a time when people had to worry about making their handwriting as readable and legible as possible, because their lives, education, and jobs depended on it. It wasn’t just the case for calligraphers, poets, and novelists; even Albert Einstein had to write down his manuscript for his Theory of Relativity:

Image via Fuck Yeah Manuscripts

We’re guessing that you haven’t been making handwritten letters, notes, and memos recently, so, just for today, why don’t you abandon your laptops, computers, and printers. Flex your hand muscles, practice your beautiful handwriting if you must, and prepare to pour your thoughts to make a handwritten essay. Or, if you feel the need to send a memo or quick note to someone, make it a handwritten one for an extra personal touch!

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