Let's Celebrate Film Photography Day!

2013-03-11 1

Hey, we want to hang out with you. Clear your schedule on April 12 and bring your friends along, too! Just don’t forget to bring your favorite film cameras and a good supply of film. We will be celebrating Film Photography Day!

Photo by: zoezo

What the hell is Film Photography Day? Yes, it may sound ridiculous to a true-blooded Lomographer – but! – this is the perfect chance to take a break from the digital world, expand your network, shoot great photographs, and learn new tips and tricks from other film photography fans, all at the same day. On April 12, join all the analogue lovers from all over the world and let’s have a shutter-clickin’ party!

If you want to be updated on meet-ups or want to create your own, head to this link. It will show you the schedule of upcoming meet-ups and parties in your area, and allow you to set-up one as well.

For your inspiration, we prepared this document to help you out with your party!

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  1. zoezo
    zoezo ·

    please could you not use my photos. thank you.

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