Doubles with Flowers: The Flower Power!

2013-03-18 2

Back to Flower Power without heading back to the 60´s. Take a look and see how can you make your lover or your boring photos turning into blooming and beautiful life. Right after the jump!

It´s one of the most common “objects” used in Lomographic Doubles. Well, at least they´re used a lot of times by me. Flowers are the center of beauty, it´s beauty nature compiled in small and colorful packages. It makes us wanna smile and give us another motivation to face our routine. That really does happen to your photos too, they become more alive and its given another sense to it. Try it out!

You can fill up the black spaces of your silhouettes with flowers. It´s Flowers Vs. Black, it´s Good Vs. Evil! This is a technique that I use often, and I always like the results. I often use it with branches too. Try it both! I usually use the same ISO in this kind of doubles.

But here you can try another thing too. Use your film ISO and shoot something against the sun. After that, turn on the MX button (or whatever your camera does), double your ISO and shoot some flowers. Don´t forget to shoot them with full light. Well, doubling ISO will permit that your flowers will appear mostly in the dark area and not so much in the area around it.

Besides silhouettes you can put flowers wherever you want. Don´t mess with ISO and put your flowers in statues, faces and monuments. Use real flowers, fake flowers, etc. If you see some tiny little flowers and you want to photograph them, be careful with your focusing. One time I blurred it all because I wanted to approach the maximum I could, so the flowers could all fit in the photo. It´s a mistake… or not! I kind of like that photo.

See you in the next article!

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  1. richteamedia360
    richteamedia360 ·

    This is amazing, thanks for the tips, I will give this a try!

  2. stonerfairy
    stonerfairy ·

    This is GOOD!

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