Brace Yourselves, The Analogue Days are Coming!


Brace yourselves, folks! An exciting month is upon us as we start counting the days towards the most analogue and Lomo-licious event of the year! Check it!

Credits: mabbom

You’ve probably seen and read some articles here in the Magazine about the notable and sometimes quirky holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Letter Writing Day, World Kindness Day, and International Chocolate Day.

And while our favorite holiday so far is Chocolate Day (for obvious reasons), there just might be a new holiday that will come and claim that top spot!

Because from today until April, we’ll be launching a fun series of articles that will revolve around celebrating life to its analogue fullest! From party ideas to day-to-day activities, we’ll provide a series of fun ideas to help everyone jumpstart their creativity, so come April 12, we can all have a blast as Lomography celebrates a worldwide Film Photography Day!

So, are you ready? Lomo on!

written by geegraphy on 2013-03-11 #news #lomography #news #analogue-day-2013 #film-photography-day

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