Springtime Scenes in Kirkstall Abbey

Kirkstall Abbey is one of my favourite local destinations. Situated just outside Leeds, the Abbey is a perfect photo destination in any season, but it is particularly beautiful in Spring.

I always love the onset of Spring – I’m impatient for it all throughout January and February and when it finally starts to show in March, I cannot contain my excitement. I write about Kirkstall Abbey a lot but it really is my go to location for photos and these of around the Abbey in spring are some of my favourites.

I’m always a little worried about using black and white film in spring but I think this Ilford film captured the light amazingly and even though you can’t see the lovely colours of the beautiful daffodils, crocuses and blossom, you do get that lovely feeling of the spring light. I love spring light, that feeling of being rejuvenated after the dull darkness of winter and that hope that comes from longer days and soft light.

As well as the Abbey ruins, Kirkstall also has a lovely river which runs nearby surrounded by lots of trees that always blossom so beautifully in Spring.

Also, here’s a funny story: In the last photo above, I went to take that photo and my boyfriend moved his hand in to touch the blossom and I thought – urgh, he always gets in the way of my photos – then I realized that it was actually beautiful just as he moved his hand away, so I bullied him into doing again and managed to actually get a rather amazing photo! So, there you go, sometimes it’s okay to re-stage photos and sometimes it’s okay to let your boyfriends into your photos.

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