Deconstructed Camera Font


Instead of clicking the shutter after counting “1, 2, 3,” graphic artist Stefan Abrahams used a camera to spell out “A, B, C.” Check out this cool typeface he created from parts of a disassembled DSLR and get ready to sing the Alphabet Song!

Photo via Stefan Abrahams

We hope this camera was already broken before London-based graphic design student Stefan Abrahams decided to deconstruct it for a font.

The industrial-looking typeface was made from various DSLR parts such as the boards, chips, nuts, bolts, wires, pins, and even the rubber viewfinder (letter D)! Can you identify all the other parts?

The Zenit 412LS is an SLR that boasts an ultra sexy look that complements its amazing features. This camera has through-the-lens (TTL) metering for accurate exposures every time and DX code capability that eliminated the need to manually set your ISO speed. Get your hands on this piece of photographic history here.

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