Redscale Roll Goes in with my Laundry!

2013-03-14 13

After shooting two layers on my roll of redscale, it stayed in my pocket accidentally and went through the wash along with all my clothes!

I first took a roll of 400 ASA film and made it into redscale film, so I shot both layers at 100 ISO. First shooting some trees against the sun for a nice silhouette effect and some clouds, then taking photos of my random adventures from my life. I didn’t get the roll developed for quite some time, and completely forgot what was on it. By the time development time came around at the lab, I couldn’t afford to do it for a while, so I left it for another day. As I left it in my pocket by accident, it unknowingly went through a full colour cycle with all my clothes!

Mum told me the next day “One of your rolls of film went through the wash!” “Oh crap, this could totally ruin it…..OR IT COULD BE TOTALLY AWESOME!”. So I promptly went down to the lab and let them know what had happened (Best to tell your friendly staff what you have done, so they don’t become UNfriendly and throw you out for good, for ruining their machines). As I waited for a few days until pay day came around (I’m constantly poor…..blame alcohol!….and that sweet, sweet Velvia!), I went down to see the results.

Well it was my second guess….“TOTALLY AWESOME!”. It had weird blue dots and streaks on it, as well as these weird crystalline structures! Unfortunately the second layer didn’t come through too well and it just left the trees, but it still ruled! One of my friends bands even bought one to use as an album cover!

So if you are after some weird and whacky results, try putting some film through your washing machine and see what happens!

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  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·


  2. deantryst
    deantryst ·

    Can you walk me through how you shot both layers please? Your shots are amazing btw!

  3. lomoseb32
    lomoseb32 ·

    Thanks for the question @deantryst. This tutorial by @hodachrome is really good on how to make redscale (Radscale as I call it!)… And to shoot two layers, you just finish the film off, and reload it back into the camera and shoot again. This way it creates two layers of photos, but sometimes one layer might not show through too well, so you just gotta experiment!

  4. mohariz
    mohariz ·

    how cool

  5. mohariz
    mohariz ·

    how cool

  6. dishfish
    dishfish ·

    That is AWESOME.
    Definitely trying that.

  7. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Awesome results!!

  8. lokified
    lokified ·

    Nice! Talk about your happy accidents.

  9. cecile1138
    cecile1138 ·

    i like, vive les machine à laver !

  10. deantryst
    deantryst ·

    @lomoseb32 Thanks for the speedy explanation.

  11. alburnkat
    alburnkat ·

    Curious, Do you have a front or top loading washer? And did it make it to the dryer? Thanks :-)

  12. lomoseb32
    lomoseb32 ·

    It was a top loader filled with powder. Nah, just got pulled out from the machine and developed.

  13. totatigre
    totatigre ·

    I still prefer if it happens by accident, I miss the courage to do it on purpose, but thanks to you I know just what to do now :D

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