Why Do You Love Analogue Photography?

2013-03-13 2

Radiant colors, unexpected light leaks, crunchy grain – there’s so much to love about Analogue Photography, but still we wanted to know – why do you love it?

Photo by: fafascinado

Here are a few answers that we collected from you. Happy World Analogue Day, Lomographers!

Credits: deepfried_goodness

“I love Analogue Photography because it’s an escape from an increasingly digital world.” – deepfried_goodness

Credits: lakandula

“I love Analogue Photography because it transforms ordinary scenes in my world into beautiful lasting memories.” – lakandula

Credits: herbert-4

“I love Analogue Photography because the negative, photo, or slide is a physical object that requires no software or complicated machine to see what it is. It’s mature, unchanging technology, a simple machine, and some chemistry. Digital is immature and rapidly changing technology. Will anyone be able to read and print those .jpg’s on that CD in 100 years? For permanence, shoot more real B&W, like Tri-X and print real photographs.” – herbert-4

Credits: spookydirt

“I love Analogue Photography because Art + Light + Interesting Chemical Reactions + Random = Fun” – spookydirt

Credits: myfolkway

“I love Analogue Photography because once you’ve captured the moment, you have no other choice than to let go. And waiting for the film to be finished, and then expecting the film from the lab is exciting. The results may be a good or a bad surprise, but it’s always fun and you’ll learn something every time.” – myfolkway

Credits: merelgroebbe

“I love Analogue Photography because there is always this little part about it that you can’t control. You can try and get the perfect shot but i love that you cant be 100% sure of what you’re going to get. Sometimes it can be dissappointing but mostly its even better than you imagined." – merelgroebbe

Credits: meatoyz1

“I love Analogue Photography because it forces me to slow down, appreciate the moment, and take the shot … then appreciate my developed rolls afterwards!” – meatoyz1

Credits: desibel

“I love Analogue Photography because it changes the way I see and experience the world.” – desibel

Credits: blueskyandhardrock

“I love Analogue Photography because it gives me the freedom to be myself, and it celebrates my imperfections.” – blueskyandhardrock

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