Analogue Day Activity: Go to a flea market and bring home something nice.

2013-03-19 2

Many of us frequent our local vintage stores and flea markets, but not everyone gets to bring home something from these visits, right? Well, if you haven’t been to your local flea market or lucky to add something to your rad collection/s, see if you can find the time to do so today!

Credits: grazie

Who doesn’t love visiting thrift stores, vintage stores, and flea markets? You’re always bound to find something nice, whether a gorgeous camera, an interesting vinyl record, or a nice decorative piece for your home. But, have you been lucky to actually bring home one?

At some point in our lives as analogue lovers and retro enthusiasts, we will experience the heartbreaking scenario of parting with an amazing find. We will have to fight back tears, knowing that it may no longer be there once come back.

So, today, if you have some time to spare and extra cash to burn, treat yourself to a flea market/thrift store visit and rescue something beautiful from its lonely shelf or display case. Give it a warm and cozy home; put it next to your prized collections; give it the chance to make those lonely corners of your home a little brighter.

Credits: novakmisi, grazie, fruchtzwerg_hh, backforbreakfast, herbert-4, bincabonca & silver606

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  1. weleasewoger72
    weleasewoger72 ·

    Most of the cameras I own come from Carboot sales, Second Hand (Thrift) and Charity shops. I just recently purchased a Yashica T3 for £2.99! My original Diana cost me £2 at a carboot and both my Lubitel 166's I got for just £11!

  2. segata
    segata ·

    The first camera that got me back into film I found in a charity shop and even just today I got a little Minolta from one, Car boots I love too as I got a sackful for just £5 and one of my favourite cameras, a Zorki 4, I found hideing at the back of a Cash converters display case.

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