Diana F+: More Than One With One Camera

2013-03-16 1

Actually, I hadn’t liked medium format photography until I met with the Diana F+. Even my thought didn’t change when I first tried it. That was until last week when I gave a chance again. Even with virtually all lenses!

Credits: merveengin

Don’t give up trying, I can say it as one of the persons that has started analog photography without knowing anything, and has been taking photos for 4 years. I promised that I will never give up when there were only 3 unharmed photos from my first 120mm film that I mentioned. And I got all 16 photos from the second film!

This time, I decided to try the Diana F + lenses that I have always wondered. It took about 15 minutes to finish the film after this decision. Actually, I did’t try to find different things, I just placed my fate in my camera’s hands to try everything. I used Galata and Özde as subjects.

Diana+ 55mm Geniş Açı & Yakın Çekim Lens

Credits: merveengin

The first photo was shot with a 75mm lens that the camera has on its own. These close-up photos aren’t clear because we couldn’t be closer to the objects more than 1 metre with this lens. However, in the next photo, I could photograph Özde almost 15cm closely because of using Close-Up lens. And you can have an idea of ​​the width of the 55 mm lens from the other photos.

Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens

Credits: merveengin

I regretted not trying Fisheye Lens much more which my frame is increased 180 degrees by a single-lens and which puts it smack dab in the square format.
The next experiment has been determined!

Diana+ 38mm Super Geniş Açılı Lens

Credits: merveengin

As one of the crazy-wide lenses, I must admit that Super Wide Lens is my favorite one! I haven’t had any pictures for comparison with the normal lens. However, I also put a picture that was previously taken with a 75 mm lens in the same place that is in the first. In the next photo, it was taken with a wide angle lens. The difference is amazing, isn’t it?

Don’t give up trying!

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