Springtime Scenes: The Lovely Parks of My City


The long winter is almost over! A few more weeks and it will be spring! Although here in Como the weather is still cold, I invite you to explore some small but delightful oasis of green in my town, where I like to stay to relax and to meet old and new friends in the springtime!

The trees in my town, Como, are still bare. This year, it is still cold, because it snowed in late February and the temperatures are still not ideal to stay in the parks. The grass is still wet (the snow has thawed some days ago) and the flowers have not yet appeared . So, let begin with two images of the past spring!

However, I’m waiting for the next spring! With the good season, many trees begin to blossom, and delicious peach blossom enliven the eyes with their pink colours! It is beautiful to take some pictures of this miracle of the nature!

With the arrival of warm temperatures, we’ll leave our winter clothes, and we’ll start to wear cotton shirts and jeans! Finally, we’ll can throw away our shoes, for the joy of our feet, which were prisoners for a long time during the winter season!

During the hottest hours of the day we can also throw our socks in the lake and enjoy the first warmth of the sun in full freedom! This is my lake, one of the most beautiful in Italy, with a great pre-alpine panorama!

A wonderful panorama is awaiting for the citizens and the tourists!

You can ride a bicycle, take a pause in the park, and then go cycling again!

These gardens are a little oasis of peace far from the city traffic! I love to play here, to meet old and new friends, to relax in the fresh and pleasant grass!

You can play and chat with your friends, read a book, or do your homework outdoors.

In the park of Villa Olmo there are some very old trees that will cheer you with their shade and beauty. Under their shadow stopped generations of boys and girls. Their shadow is ready to embrace you during the hottest season, while you alone and are unable to embrace the trunk! It’s an invitation to respect and preserve the nature!

And if someone invites you to play a game with a frisbee, join to him and give him your smile!

Spring is the time to take off your shoes, throw away your socks, turn off your personal computer, your tablet and your cell phone. Load a film into your preferred camera and join your friends in a park!

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