10% Off On Everything! Only Today! 全部產品九折,只限今天,Monday 30/11

謝謝您2009年的支持,今天全部產品,為您九折!10% OFF EVERYTHING JUST FOR YOU!


相機配件膠卷即影即有魚眼書本服飾,在 LOMOGRAPHY ONLINE SHOP 等著你!

*今天是 HOLIDAY FREEBIES GIVEAWAY 的最後一日!贈品買多得多,正在購買禮物的你千萬不要錯過!

10% OFF EVERYTHING JUST FOR YOU! A thank you for your support in 2009! Available exclusively on the Lomography online shop

Cameras to films, books to fashion, Polaroid-style cameras to Fisheye shooters and accessories galore

*Last day of Holiday Freebies Giveaway! Remember the more you spend, the more FREE things you get!

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