Spring Break Getaway: The Lovely Laigueglia


If you live in Northwestern Italy and need a small break from city life, then Liguria is the go-to option! The small town of Laigueglia there is there perfect place to relax and enjoy a weekend of sun, sand and sea.

After a long, cold winter, as the days get warmer and the sun starts shining again, I get the seaside itch. Living in Piedmont, in the Northwest of Italy, when it comes to going to the seaside for just a few days, the best option is Liguria, the nearest seaside region.

Laigueglia is a small town in the Province of Savona in Riviera di Ponente, the western side of Liguria, in the Northwest of Italy. It has a population of less than 2 000 and it is the smallest comune in the whole province. It is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Liguria.

The main landmark in Laigueglia is an old bastion tower, the last of three built in the 16th Century to protect the village from the Ottoman corsairs. Every year in late July, a historical reenactement of the Landing of the Saraceni is held, and it is followed by fireworks and by a water balloons battle between the “16th Century inhabitants” and the “pirates”.

Another interesting landmark is the town’s main church, the baroque Chiesa di San Matteo (St. Matthew’s Church) with its magnificent, colorful steeple and the adjacent Santa Maddalena’s oratory.

As in the rest of Liguria, many buildings are painted in bold, bright colors. Parallel to the promenade there is a narrow alley with shops which is the town’s centre.

My friend and I like strolling around there and shopping….

And taking silly pictures…

And we also love to stop at one of the town’s many bars right in front of the sea and enjoy tons of focaccia, a local delicacy….

But what we love the most when we’re in Laigueglia, and when the weather is good is… laying down on the beach to sunbathe!

Sometimes, when it’s really too hot to hang out at the beach, we just grab a few beers (and focaccia, of course) and chill out on the balcony at home.

And when the evening comes, what’s better than having a nice cocktail in one of your favorite lounge bars?

Laigueglia definitely is my favorite spot for a short spring break getaway! In case you wish to visit this beautiful village, check out the town's own website to plan your visit and find a hotel on tripadvisor!

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