Three Tips for Nature Photography: Nature is Everywhere


You may think nature photography is only for those who live in spactacular surroundings and sunny climates, or can afford to travel there. Think again! Anyone can take gorgeous nature pictures, no matter where they live

A small nature reserve in the middle of one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

1. Nature is everywhere
You don’t need endless prairies or pristine mountain ranges to practice the noble art of natural photography. Sure, it’s great if you have a forest or nature reserve nearby to visit. But even if you live in a giant concrete metropole, you can manage to take some pretty cool nature pics. Mother Nature had her way of getting everywhere:

  • Parks, obviously.
Credits: stratski
  • Vacant lots, or construction sites where nothing much has been going on? You’ll often find them covered in weeds and wildflowers. It’s nature conquering back it’s lost terrain.
Credits: stratski
  • Release your inner David Attenborough and start stalking those pigeons, stray cats and cockroaches.
Credits: stratski
  • Transportation tends to gather nature: railroad tracks are notorious for have loads of exotic plants next to them, carried into town from far away. Quays and harbors have rock plants in their walls. Overpasses often have swamps or little lakes underneath.
Credits: stratski
Not a prairie, but a strip of grass next to a busy road.

2. Never mind the weather
No matter if you find nature in a big city, or in the great outdoors, you might think that a good picture needs the sun. But dramatic clouds, sparkling raindrops or mysterious fog can make for some beautiful photo’s as well.

Credits: stratski
  • A bit or rain can really bring out the colors of plants and flowers, where a dry and sunny day might lead to dusty, grubby surroundings and limp, thirsty leaves.
Credits: stratski
  • Really don’t like those grey days? Use redscale or slide to add some color or see those clouds come alive in your pictures!
Credits: stratski

3. Get up close and personal
You may dream of the sweeping vistas of Ansel Adams, but when the nature near you is somewhat less majestic, don’t worry, just get closer. A mossy rock may turn into a miniature forest, a tiny back yard into a vast jungle, an insect into a dinosaur. If you choose the right lens, you can open up the aperture and blur out all that civilization in the background.

Credits: stratski

Of you can just pick your point of view very carefully, and leave out all the clutter in your composition.

This may look like it was taken in a forest, it is in fact my tiny back yard. I just zoomed in and left all the sheds, neighbouring houses, and fences out of the frame.

If all else fails: cheat.

An endless panorama turned my tiny back yard into a lush jungle.

Have fun in the great – or small – outdoors!

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