My Analogue Days: Trying to Capture Some Sunshine


As we had the darkest Winter in 60 years in Germany I had to go out every time the sun showed her beautiful face. Often she was gone when I were at the place I wanted to be, but I never stopped trying.

This was the last sunny day in 2012 and also for a few weeks!

My strategy to make my days more analogue is to take my cameras everywhere I go and use every moment of sunshine for a little photowalk, solo or with friends. I never go out without at least one of my cameras, even if I just go to the supermarket. As there were only about 100 hours of sunshine in the last three months here, usually it should have been about 160 hours, I had to deal with a lot of grey photos and went for a LomoWalk every time the sun came out. Luckily we had more snow in the city than I expected this winter, so it was not grey ALL the time. And I also tried some redscale films to escape the greyness.

Trying to escape the grey.

One day, I decided to go on a Lomowalk with myself to a local botanical garden, the Palmengarten. My only chance to get some colorful photos were the green houses and I got a few shots of some flowers but I can’t wait to visit it again on a sunny spring day.

Botanical Garden called Palmengarten

As I went out every time the sun came out I have a lot of pictures from these days. Luckily, one Sunday was so sunny, I even took a short movie about it:

But I also took a lot of photos that day, I walked through a park with a little pond that was still frozen and to the River Main.


A good friend of mine found her way to Lomography in January, and when she visited me in February, we tried to get some night shots with our new tripods – it was so freezing that we both only got a few shots until we went inside a Café to get some hot chocolate.

Lomowalk with halftheworld__away

I take care of a dog, Jakob, from time to time. I really enjoy him being around and there is no day with him I don’t take photos or movies of him – poor boy!


So now, I hope the dark days are over and spring comes soon!

Credits: nia_ffm

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