Your Own Macro Studio

2013-03-06 3

Do you want to shoot great macro photos, but the results always look boring? Well, keep on reading. Do not expect that I will show you how to build a real studio, but read on.

Credits: paulm99

To make it easy, I thought i would be great to have an “available-light-studio” with daylight only. Here is the list what you need for great macro shoots:

  • a camera
  • a macro ring, macro lens or a camera bellows, to make the macro shoots
  • a tripod
  • a big window
  • a reflector
  • coloured paper

The light falls through the window onto the motif and reflector, the reflector illuminates the motif to avoid hard shadows.

Credits: paulm99

For better result you can use the coloured paper underneath your motif (all you can see in your viewfinder). With the paper you can increase the atmosphere but also create a contrast.

Credits: paulm99
Credits: paulm99

You do not need to follow any rules, but try to shoot the essential of your motif.

Credits: paulm99

The whole album can be found here.
So have fun to try it out!

written by paulm99 on 2013-03-06 #gear #tutorials #art #studio #photography #tipster #makro #avaible-light
translated by tesatscad

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