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After receiving many interesting submissions, we’ve chosen our Win Your Dream Space winner for the Lomography Gallery Store Toronto! Turner Wigginton will be taking over the LGS Toronto starting late March with his exhibit, Cymatics. Read on to check out a little bit more about Turner and his masterpiece!

Photo via Turner Wigginton

Hey Turner! Tell us a bit about yourself and what you’ve been up to.

Hi Lomography! I’ve been working hard towards a BFA in photography from Ryerson University at the moment. I spent the last summer studying architecture at Harvard and I spend most of my intermediate time reading and researching topics from physics to number theory. Connecting and relating different subject matter back to photography is a constant passion of mine as I love to learn and explore new ideas.

How did you hear about our Win Your Dream Space competition and what brought you to submitting your idea?

Word of mouth, I’ve got a few cool-cat classmates working at your Queen Street store who gave me the initial inside scoop. The project was submitted while under the influence of an Exhibition Practices class at Ryerson this past fall. I was inspired to try my hand at orchestrating my own exhibit.

Give us the story on how Cymatics came to being.

Cymatics was conceived last year for the second-year photography course Photographic Technology, taught by Bob Burley. The project started as an attempt to introduce painting and photography by “painting” with light sensitive chemicals onto paper, subsequently exposing this to light for developing. Seeing the results, I felt it to be unrealized and unresolved. My interest in the sciences however led me away from this.

As a Christmas present in grade 4, I was given a Scholastic book called Science and Technology; A visual Factfinder. Apart from it being my main source of inspiration, this book reminded me of the simple beauty that nature produces onto itself. I feel we should take time to allow the world to do it’s own explaining.

By redirecting my sights for what this series convey, I transformed the project into a dedication to the beauty of visualized sound. And in doing so, creating photographic shadows of each note, that is, each note that comprises every song and melody we have ever heard [although many more exist, these 12 are the building blocks of our Western ear].

Cymatics, Photo via Turner Wigginton

How does Cymatics fit into the analogue lifestyle for you?

Well, to me this is truly the most analogue mindset I have been in photographically. No megapixels, no colour correction, not even a camera. My project attempts to rely on a bare minimum of components to express itself. While the fundamentals of photography are all still there [light, time, and a means to record], I have tried to strip them down and re-conceive their potential.

What is your background with Lomography? Do you shoot with any of our cameras?

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a proper chance to shoot with any of your cameras, but your film stock is always a treat to rummage through. I also hear rumours of the LomoChrome Purple film by Lomography that I am itching to try out.

Any upcoming projects of yours that we should be sure to check out?

Last year, I worked hard to put together a 3 day pop-art show with over 25 emerging artists selling work for 50 dollars. The show was a great success with many first time art buyers. My hope for 2013 is to revamp this project with new artists, new venues, and new concepts.

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Be sure to come by the Lomography Gallery Store Toronto starting March 29th at 6 pm to check out an artist talk with Turner and Cymatics on display.

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