LomoAmigo Update: Light is Light by Philip Evans


Artist, filmmaker and LomoAmigo Philip Evans is back with a brand new skate-inspired video shot using an HD, a Super 8, and our very own LomoKino! Check it out!

Last year, we did a LomoAmigo interview with this cool Ireland-based artist, and we talked about skateboarding, photography, and his project Format Perspective, which combined the two.

Format Perspective is a documentary I made about six different photographers that shoot skateboarding. […] Not only did they shoot skating differently but there was a nice diverse selection of photographic formats involved too, from simple 35mm set-ups, to digital with multiple flashes on slaves, to medium-format Hasselblad, large-format Polaroid… — Philip Evans, LomoAmigo Interview

And now, he’s back with a brand new skateboarding-inspired video entitled Light is Light, which is a video mash-up of shots done in different types of cameras and locations.

Despite such variety – from the analogue goodness brought by the LomoKino, to the sharp contrast brought by an HD camera – the result is one awesome and smooth ride!

“I personally like to explore as many camera (and illustration) formats as possible, […] at the end of the day, the main motivation always just comes from the genuine stoke I get from putting this stuff together.” – Philip Evans

Read more about Light is Light over at Format Perspective here.

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