When Subject Meets Photographer: Self-Portraits!


Sometimes when there’s nothing interesting going on and nobody else is around, it’s hard to find a subject to shoot. But don’t be put down; there is always you! A self-portrait can be made anytime and anywhere. You don’t need to be super vain—no, I think everybody can use some self-portrait time every now and then. What you get is a very interesting collection of “selfies” which is a nice way to look back and capture the most intimate moments of your own life. Nowadays, it’s even easier with everybody carrying smartphones and digital cameras, but nothing beats a good analogue self-portrait.

Credits: merelgroebbe

Most smartphones even have a camera attatched to the front (officialy for video calling, but I guess almost everybody uses it to make sneaky selfies) so technology definitely helps this phenomenon grow and get more and more popular. But, there is a lot of fun in the more “difficult” self-portraits, because you have to twist and turn yourself in position in front of your camera and guess your distance and position. Of course, you can shoot a part of your body that isn’t your face (I love making pictures of my feet…It’s also a self-portrait, isn’t it?) or use the mirror (but even then, try to find the good angle!).

I’m a pretty big fan of the mirror-picture, but I do also have some others that I would like to share with you! I even made a separate album when I started my LomoHome.


Credits: merelgroebbe

Face-less selfies:

Credits: merelgroebbe

Cross-your-fingers-and-turn-the-camera – selfies:

Credits: merelgroebbe

And the ultimate challenge: the pinhole selfie:

Credits: merelgroebbe

I don’t know if I am vain or not – maybe some of you have an even bigger collection of “selfies” but all I know is that I love to take photos of myself every once in a while…

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