What's Cool Stereoface?


Last year we celebrated the 5th Birthday of the Diana F+ with a video. The awesome Austrian band Stereoface provided the soundtrack to the video. We had the chance to interview the band about all the cool things in life, Head over the jump to read what they have to say!

Our Diana F+ video with music by Stereoface – The Song is Distress

1) What’s cool about your music?

Stereoface music is simple, straight forward and instantly understandable… it’s rock’n’roll but at the same time it has a lot of contrasts; we love to play with different styles and feelings… and we are not afraid of stretching them quite excessively because we feel that each song should deserve what it needs: song is king!

2) What’s cool about Graz, the City where you are based in Austria?

It’s a melting pot! Some may say about Graz that it’s a place where all bad features of Europe’s northerners melt together with those of the southerners (a rather Austrian way of putting it of course)… but we feel that there is really something to it in a positive way! Plus Graz is very relaxed and cosy… often a bit too cosy perhaps: people here enjoy sleeping and dreaming…which is great (we also do!!), but you kind of have to be aware of falling into the big sleep where you don’t dream anymore…

3) What’s cool about Lomography?

It’s so simple! and it really makes you appreciate the picture as an actual thing! Especially in our times people are flooded with visual information and everyone is infinitely producing digital pictures and stuff.. using a Lomography camera with analogue film gives you something to relate to! People are reminded of what it’s actually about to shoot photographs… and the best thing is that you don’t have to know anything about theoretical stuff and techniques and blah blah.. it just works so well for everyone!

4) What’s cool about fans?

They appreciate what you are doing and fuel you… and give you food and drinks!

5) What’s cool about being in a band and making music?

Communication without words! …and that you can act out all your temper tantrums on stage without being labelled insane!

6) What’s cool about shooting a video in B&W in the middle of nowhere?

The coolest thing about making this video (Stereoface – ‘the soil’) was that we got to celebrate a funeral without someone actually dying… It was strange but it was actually so much fun – We really had struggles not to laugh all the way through.. and it was a weird experience to dig this grave; we did it all by ourselves which kind of felt like we were digging our own grave… it was a surreal thing to do!

8) What’s cool for you?

Not caring too much about being cool.

9) What’s not cool?

People hating Yoko Ono.

The Stereoface video for ‘I don’t mean it’

Want to find out more about the band? Check out the Stereoface website.

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