Romantic Photoshoot Tipster: Say it Like You Mean it

2013-03-06 5

I didn’t really know should i submit this to romantic photoshoot or doubles with love, because frankly, it’s a mix of the both of them. I know, i know, Valentine’s is over but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy love every day. A lot of other great days are coming up: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, and other romantic occasions, lots of days to surprise your love ones! Let’s spread some love around, people!

I know this has probably been done before, like a lot of times, but I just wanted to share how i do it. It is a really simple tipster, like a tipster for dummies like myself who doesn’t enjoy complicated tips. This one is actually about double exposures with words. As i said – it’s simple.

Credits: lomofrue

What you need:

  • a camera (i used a Lomo LC-A)
  • a film (i used Agfa Precisa)
  • computer
  • a drawing program (a used Paint on PC :) )
  • imagination

The procedure is simple. Load a film to your camera. Sit behind your computer. Open paint. Paint the page black. Use an eraser or a white brush and start drawing. Don’t panic. You can draw or write anything you like. If you are doing a romantic photoshoot draw some hearts or write love. Sky is the limit, just be creative. Every time you draw/write something take a photo of it. When you come to the end of your film, rewind it to start (if you’re not sure about it, do it in the darkroom, so you’ll definitely come to the start of your film). Then call your friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend or whoever you want to call and start shooting again.

Some other tips:

  • try avoiding snow (yeah i made a mistake like that), the words obviously won’t show on white
  • don’t overdo it with hearts
  • don’t forget you have an already used film in your camera or otherwise you’ll end up with ordinary photos signed with love
  • enjoy it! It’s all about fun, people!
Credits: lomofrue

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  1. tzeching
    tzeching ·

    this is interesting.... so i have to shoot a roll of film then only take a picture of whatever that is drawn paint?

  2. lomofrue
    lomofrue ·

    @tzeching first you have to take photos of what you have drawn in the paint, then rewind the film to start and shoot whatever you like. maybe you could do it other way around but i havent' tried it

  3. tzeching
    tzeching ·

    @lomofrue thanks for the tips :)

  4. le_ors
    le_ors ·

    lovely :D

  5. stonerfairy
    stonerfairy ·

    Great for Valentine shots! Thanx for the tips!

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