Green of Lomography X-Pro Peacock 110 Film


I was waiting for Lomography X-Pro Peacock 110 Film that will come to store. I was lucky as I had this opportunity on a sunny day!

Lomography X-Pro Peacock 110 Film is the newest film that Lomography has ever produced.

First, some information about 110 film. This tiny format film’s production was stopped in 2009 and unfortunately,110 cameras were stopped as well. In 2012, Lomography decided to revive 110 film. Then they produced Lomography B&W Orca 100 ISO 110, Lomography Color Tiger 200 ISO 110 and Lomography Lobster Redscale 110 respectively. Finally, this little thing Lomography X-Pro Peacock 110 Film was added to the family.

Credits: lisamariesimpson & nural

Shortly after the launch of film, it arrived Turkey’s Gallery Store stocks. Immediately, I bought 3 packs and put it in my bag. You know, First Rule, Take your camera everywhere you go! Of course take your film, too :) It was the beginning of February, and it was 20 degrees. We couldn’t stand any longer and got into the ferry! Along the way, I got the chance to try it as I wanted!

Actually, this film seems like the Lomography X-Pro Slide film due to the shades of vivid green. It is possible to get yellowish tones when you use flash. Here are my results:

I think it is great to get these tones with a tiny camera. You definitely must try it!

written by nural on 2013-03-12 #gear #review #xpro #lomography-peacock-110-film
translated by kablelvuku

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