Make Light Painting: My Brush is The Light


There is a rumor that the most beautiful photos are taken in the light of the morning and in the evening. You can destroy this thought with light painting technique.

When the night comes up and it becomes dark, the first thing I do is to use the flash. It is so much fun to paint with light that I can’t stand not to do this and I always use this technique on my all night shooting photos. Light painting is to use a distant light source in the frame. There are basically two ways: if the light source is fixed, you should drive your camera around this source, or if the camera is fixed, you should drive the light around your camera. You can consider street lights, shops, and illuminated signs as a light source. If you will make light painting by holding the camera steady, you can use a source such as flashlight. When the light is fixed, light painting is extremely simple. All you do is to set your camera on bulb mode and use flash. At the time you hit the shutter button the flash will explode, you can shoot the main object which you want in your photo at this time. When you drive your camera around a distant light source by keeping your finger pressed the shutter button, you can pattern your photos with light and there are colorful light beams that you shoot with flash. It’s that simple!

Credits: ruyatuna

If you say that I can hold my camera in a fixed position and I want to draw shapes with the flashlight, it will be possible, too. All you need to do is to fix your machine somewhere (use a tripod) and press the shutter in long exposure mode.
While you keep on pressing the shutter and your friend can draw some shapes with the flashlight and also you can get more vivid frames by covering the flashlight with colorful papers. There are lots of nice things!

Credits: ruyatuna

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translated by kablelvuku

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