Blast from the Past: Malaysia's Top Articles for November 2012

2013-03-06 2

Last month, we ventured to see what Malaysia was up to during All Hallow’s Eve. It may have been a spooky night but it definitely was fun! What will November have in store for us? Travel back in time and read all about how November went down in Malaysia last year.

Credits: reinertlee

This is the second-last installment for our Blast-from-the-Past Malaysia series and we are both happy and sad that it’s coming to an end. We had such a great time looking back into Malaysia’s year and we’re excited to see what yet to come. But enough with this bittersweet ending, and lets take time to appreciate what’s left of the 2012 year.

It’s hard tracing back our footsteps and seeing where we come from and how we got to where we are now. How did we become the person we are today? I guess it’s the same with Lomography since it becomes part of your life rather than just another hobby. It’s time that someone started Tracing My Lomo Beginnings with the La Sardina El Capitan and looked back on My Childhood in Analogue: My Standard Poses.

Credits: dabai

We see some of you have already begun trying to beat the rush and have started Christmas shopping already.== No Worries, you aren’t Colorblind==, you just need to remember that sometimes The Perfect Gift is right under your nose and you just can’t see it! Sometimes you just need to pair things up the right way, like the LC-A and Ringflash Happily Ever After.

Wanna join in on the Lomography Malaysia Community fun? Submit your own article or share your photos of Malaysia with us – be sure to tag them with “Malaysia” so they’ll be alongside other posts from the Malaysia Community!

The Future is Analogue.

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  1. maduz
    maduz ·

    Thank you @jasonkung. Haha. Can't believe my photos are inside here too!

  2. jasonskung
    jasonskung ·

    @maduz We had such a great time reading through your "LC-A and Ringflash Happily Ever After" and it ranked as one of the most popular articles of November 2012 - so it would've been a mistake not to feature it in this article!

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