Blast from the Past: Singapore's Top Articles for November 2012


A year can happen so quickly, so it’s sad to see the blast-from-past series come to an end so fast. Let’s make the most of our time together and get straight to the point. Zoom back into time and check out the top articles of November 2012 in Singapore!

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Sometimes we’re in such a rush to get somewhere that we forget why we were going there in the first place. I think this happens to everybody – even Lomographers. We’re too busy trying to get that perfect double exposure or the flawless symmetrical shot. They say when it’s gets to that point, you need to start Tracing your Lomo Beginnings: Why am I shooting film again?.

Credits: nocturnal & myloft

We live in a Wide Wide World and one of the most precious things are Analogue Smiles: The Beauty of Friendship Caught on Film and Tips for Taking Photographs Of Kids because smiles and children are what remind us of the age of innocence when we didn’t have to worry about anything. We could just play all day and not think about meeting deadlines or paying taxes. Don’t we all wish to live the life of Peter Pan and the lost boys?

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As usual, we always get a fancy set of reviews thrown into the mix of top articles. This month, featured the Sunset Strip: Wonderfully Unpredictable and The Horizon Kompakt: Have No Fear!.

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The Future is Analogue

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