Please Don't Kill My Perfect Combination: Save X-Pro Chrome!

2013-03-06 21

So many cameras, so much film—how do you pick your favorite? When picking favorites, I must choose the trusty combination that ensures beautiful, wonderful photos, any time, any place: The Lomo LC-A+ and Lomography X-Pro Chrome. I must plead: please Lomography, bring back this film!

Credits: cc-in-paris

The Lomo LC-A+ is definitively my everyday favorite camera: it’s small, compact, has a good sharp lens, beautiful vignetting, allows for fun multiple exposures and long exposures at night. Whether you’re strolling around town and encounter a sweet kid or a beautiful view, having a picnic with friends or drinks with your girlfriends, just bored in your dimly lit room or even underwater, you are sure to get good results:

Credits: cc-in-paris

With Lomography X-Pro Chrome, the colors just explode!

The blues:

Credits: cc-in-paris

The reds:

Credits: cc-in-paris

And the greens:

Credits: cc-in-paris

The colors are so warm, the results are almost always great — in some of my best pictures, I was just passing by and luckily I had my perfect combination with me:

Credits: cc-in-paris

You have gorgeous pics with all the perks of the LC-A+ — vignetting, color saturation, multiple-exposures, splitzer shots, tunnel lens shots:

Credits: cc-in-paris

…and also a sure deal for successful film swaps:

Credits: cc-in-paris

I could keep listing why I Love LOVE this camera and film duo; it’s a lomographer’s best friend, in my humble opinion. However, now, I must make my plea: please Lomo, please! Make more of this film! I know there is an effort to make new fun film (the Lomo Chrome Purple 400 has been ordered!) but please do try to produce more of this film. I will not buy a new Sardina and will not buy a new LC-A+ until mine breaks but I will religiously buy meters and meters of any slide film you put out. Please keep slide film alive!!!

The Lomo LC-A+ is known worldwide for its amazing features: automatic exposure, extended ISO range, and multiple and long exposure capabilities. Get your own Lomo LC-A+ now!

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  1. alloftheabove
    alloftheabove ·

    I agree - X-PRO CHROME FOREVER!!!

  2. boredslacker
    boredslacker ·

    SOS - Save Our Slides!

  3. fafascinado
    fafascinado ·

    yeeees! bring it back!!

  4. tiro8
    tiro8 ·


  5. jawknee
    jawknee ·

    Oh shit!!! There's still tonnes at the Toronto store! I must stock up this weekend!!!

  6. cc-in-paris
    cc-in-paris ·

    @jawknee luck you! stock up!!

  7. cc-in-paris
    cc-in-paris ·

    @alloftheabove @boredslacker @fafascinado @tiro8 thanks for the comments!
    yeah, a lot of people have been writing articles about saving film - I do hope lomo does keep slide film alive!

  8. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    Saving film is like the lomo thing, lol, so let's hope they save this one.
    I think they just aren't making enough at a time, constant stock issues!

  9. meitads
    meitads ·

    YES PLEASE THANK YOU omg i can't thank you enough for writing this article. Dear Lomography, X-Pro Chrome is the reason why I fell in love with analogue please don't take away my first love

  10. meitads
    meitads ·


  11. 134340
    134340 ·

    i agree! bring it back , lsi plsss

  12. alex34
    alex34 ·

    I vote to bring back 127 film. There's a ton of vintage cameras in disuse because the stuff is almost impossible to get, and re-spooling120 is a pain in the xxx. The LSI could introduce some nice new medium format cameras on the back of it too.

  13. roxyvonschlotterstein
    roxyvonschlotterstein ·

    I'm with you, totally!

  14. earth-sky-virtuoso
    earth-sky-virtuoso ·

    Yes please bring it back! I don't understand why Lomo can't keep more varieties of film in stock. Also I would add 35mm Redscale, Tungsten, and that orangy one. Luckily some tungsten film and redscale can be found elsewhere, but still.

  15. marcus_loves_film
    marcus_loves_film ·

    Kodak made Lomo X-Pro Chome 100 and since they discontinued all slide films as of March 2012 there is no more X-Pro Chrome. If you still want the look of X-Pro Chrome there are still stocks of Kodak Ektachrome E100G and Elitechrome EB 100 available for purchase. E100G (nearly) identical to X-Pro Chrome when cross processed in C-41. Elitechrome EB 100 also looks very similar to X-Pro Chrome.

  16. ditchbitch
    ditchbitch ·

    @marcus_loves_film you're absolutely right. LSI produces none of films that sells under their brand, only repackage and small upgrade, like sunset strip film. that's why lomography x tungsten is out of stock - it's just runs out, because it was fuji t64 last batch

  17. cc-in-paris
    cc-in-paris ·

    @marcus_loves_film @ditchbitch you guys are right and yes, I've been stocking up on E100G, EBX, my personal favorite E100VS.... and also velvia 50, and velvia 100 and sensia 200..... With kodak film going bust, fuji discontuning a lot of its slide films, rollei crossbird always out of stock in most places.... People can't help to hope that lomo will try to keep slide film going and maybe find a way to keep producing some of these films. Because it ain't looking good for film.

  18. cc-in-paris
    cc-in-paris ·

    @iamtheju @meitads @alex34 @134340 @roxyvonschlotterstein @earth-sky-virtuoso thank you for your comments!

  19. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    @alex34 I am with you on that. I see 127 cameras all the time that i would love to use and can't.

  20. guinastrapazi
    guinastrapazi ·

    well written. same opinion here!

  21. richrichards
    richrichards ·

    Mama, don't take my X-Pro Chrome away!

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