Analogue Day Activity: Write a letter to your future self.


Ever tried writing a letter for your future self to read and ponder about? Today may be a good time for you to do it again or for the first time, so grab yourself a fancy stationery and a nice pen, and start writing!

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If you opted against including a letter to your future self when you made a time capsule, remember that you can always do it separately. It’s a written form of the time capsule anyway; instead of physical objects, you can show and tell your future self about your present ideas, dreams, wishes, aspirations, and visions. While intangible, these are often the things that propel us forward in life, give us the drive to be creative, and push us to achieve great things.

Not sure what to tell your future self? For starters, you can ask:

How far have you gone in the field that you’ve chosen?
Who or what did you become at the time of this letter’s reading?
Are you much stronger, wiser, and more creative now?
Where in the world have you gone?
Are you still shooting film?
Are you done taking your first 10,000 photographs, the ones Henri Cartier Bresson said are your worst?

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So get started: think long and hard if you have to, then put your hands to work. No computer, no print-outs, not even a typewriter. Nothing does it better than a good ol’ handwritten letter. Seal it with a kiss, and top it with a note that goes something like, “For [your name], to be opened on [date here].” Like with the time capsule, resist the urge to rip the envelope open before the set date.

Whatever you decide to put in your letter, don’t hold back and give your future self plenty to answer and think about!

Credits: nautical_anomaly

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