Table for Two: Ogopogo in Arab Street


It’s not exactly the best kept secret among Singapore’s yuppie crowd, but this is a great place for analogue lovers to share a meal – be it for a special day or whatever the reason.

During a recent bargain hunting expedition, my wife and I ended up discovering a gem of a restaurant at Singapore’s Arab Street – Ogopogo

I am a child of the 70s and 80s. And this place reminds me of my childhood.

Filled with all things nostalgic, I was rather comfortable at this restaurant. I recognised the type of toys on display, the used soft bottles that was so common when I was growing up and even the furnishing.

This is probably what today’s generation would call ‘retro’, where old TV sets, and eclectic mix of tables and chairs are part of the restaurant’s décor. It’s charming in a way.

For children of the 70s — if the décor and setting wasn’t nostalgic enough — the menu itself would bring back fond or not-so-fond memories of your school days; when the Internet was still science fiction. The menu is simply made from old school jotter books. But that’s not all, the items are painstakingly handwritten and beautifully too, if I may add. With pages and pages of handwritten items, it can be an adventure alone just reading what the restaurant has to offer. Unfortunately, for some reason I didn’t snap a picture of the menu. Duh!

But the surprise didn’t end there. Even at the back where the restroom is located, the owner placed his own shisha there. Quite befitting of the location, being Arab Street and all.

Would an ‘uncle’ like me go back for a coffee or bite? Yes, definitely. This place has a lot going for it. With so many interesting paraphernalia, it is another interesting place for a date.

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