My First Adventure With Lomography XPro Sunset Strip


Lomography XPro Sunset Strip – the film which I was waiting from the moment I heard that it will be available. Here are my first results!

As a Lomographyer, I can’t explain how I feel when I try a new film roll I haven’t tried before. New results, different colors…

When I got Lomography XPro Sunset Strip I felt exactly like that. I must try the film immediately! I didn’t have any special plans so I loaded my first roll on Lubitel 166+'ıma and the second one on my LC-Wide which I always have in my bag, and I directly tried them!

Lomography XPro Sunset Strip 35mm is a slide film with 100 iso. The first information about the film, is that this film is already painted. However, when you use this film with the Sprocket Rocket or the Spinner 360, the film strips will have more different colors than the other parts will have. Of course I had to see this with my own eyes, so I loaded my first roll on my dear Lubitel 166+ ! Indeed, the film strips can have different color:

My second choice was LC-Wide which I always have in my bag. It was a bit hard to finish up the film while I was walking from Galata to Eminönü but I can’t wait to see the results any longer! My photos appeared in shades of blue because the weather was very grainy, but according to the other slide films, this one appeared much more natural and serene, exactly as I want!

So I guess I found one of my new favorite films!

written by nural on 2013-03-07 #gear #film #review
translated by kablelvuku

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