Perfect Combination: Fisheye 2 (sometimes with Submarine) and Fuji Velvia 100F


Do you want that perfect spherical earth image of mostly green and blue hues? Then, your 180 degree camera and Fuji Velvia film is the right tandem for you!

Resembles a snow globe, right?

According to Fujifilm’s website, Velvia is and has been the world-standard professional film for landscape and nature photography since its introduction in 1990. Because of its color reproduction with high ultra color saturation, it produces more vivid colors, including cyan blue, blue green, yellow green, lemon yellow, purple, and moss green. The combination of these hues make Velvia the top recommendation for nature, daylight action sports and landscapes. Others may also prefer this film with shooting people as subjects if they want to get a different flesh tones like skin becoming too red or warn yellow.

With its incredible color rendition, it is best combined with the wide-angled, almost 180 degree lens of the Fisheye camera. The distorted areas also add a unique effect that perfectly resembles the earth and our surroundings. This has become my favorite tandem so far because I love shooting landscapes particularly with the view of the sky and the clouds. It produces a surreal view of the place.

So, if you want to make beautiful photos of nature that capture accurately what you felt when you were there then Velvia is the perfect choice!

Load it now in your fisheye camera and see for yourself! Here are my shots taken with Fisheye and Velvia:

Credits: bluemie5

written by bluemie5 on 2013-03-04 #lifestyle #underwater #submarine #sky #expired-film #blues #fuji #velvia #greens #fisheye

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