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Fresh-out-of-college Lomographer June Kang regards her cameras as some of her best friends. With 3 LC-Wide rolls, and counting, her Lomo LC-Wide journey has just begun. It’s already a vibrant one that paints June’s journey in KL as well as smaller villages, in colors as far as the color wheel can see ☺.

Credits: 186juney

Full Name: June Kang
Lomography Username: 186juney
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Credits: 186juney

Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your interests?
Being in my mid-twenties is a great feeling. I’ve just completed my Bachelor’s Degree, so I’m basically a university fresh grad, but I’ve also been working in retail for about 2 years while studying. In a way, I consider myself a Retail Associate more than a student – it also helps that I really love my job! My analogue cameras follow me most everywhere I go – while I was an intern in Bangkok, whenever I hung out with my best friend, when I worked downtown, during nights out partying, and at almost every meal!

Credits: 186juney

How long have you been a Lomographer?
The very first analogue camera to grace my life ever since the digi-cam boom was the Diana Mini! It was given to me during my 22nd birthday from my sister, and I’ve been a Lomographer since that present one-year-and-eight-months ago!

Describe the LC-Wide in 5 words.
Compact. Covenient. Versatile. Incredible. Addictive.

Kindly share the LC-Wide photograph you love the most with us.

It was taken with a Kodak Elitechrome EBX, and the conditions were just perfect! Tropical afternoon sun in my parents’ hometown up north for Chinese New Year, the wide lens perfectly captured and translated what and how I saw that very moment.

Credits: 186juney

You’ve mentioned you were always “so amazed” by the LC-Wide photos posted by other Lomographers. Any Lomographers in particular that’ve been particularly inspiring?
Credits go entirely to Bangkok Lomographer sobetion! The photos taken with the LC-Wide on his LomoHome truly inspired me and gave me the final push in deciding to get the LC-Wide in January this year.

Credits: 186juney

What films do you like using in combination with the LC-Wide?
I submitted an article related to this question, and in that article I gave much deserved credit to the Fujifilm T64 Pro. However, the Kodak Elitechrome EBX is also one of my favourites to load up the LC-Wide with; the film itself is magic and perhaps works well with almost any analogue camera on this planet! I’m currently 1/3 through an expired roll of Agfa Pro 200 – let’s hope that will be an addition to my list of favourite partners for the LC-Wide too!

Credits: 186juney

You’ve said that “the locals are noting you with a strange eye” when you’re out and about with your cameras. What memorable encounters have you had with passers by when you’re shooting?
Despite getting the most astonished and curious looks from strangers and passersby, I would have to say the most memorable encounters while shooting with my cameras were with people I knew. The Sprocket Rocket garnered a “Woah! That’s so vintage and hipster!”, the Diana Mini saw a “Fuuuh! Lomo!”, my cousin who is 10 years older than me thought my cameras were super “old-school”, while the most adorable would have to be from my 7-year-old nephew who is extremely baffled by the fact that he can’t view a photo taken of him immediately after I shoot!

Credits: 186juney

What are your plans with the LC-Wide during this photographic year of the Snake?
Because my first camera was the Diana Mini, I’m extremely attracted to half-frame format. For this Year of the Snake, I really intend to experiment more with the half-format feature on the LC-Wide. In March, I will be holidaying to an island in the south of Peninsular Malaysia – I plan to push my creative juices to the limit by loading the LC-Wide with all the fantastic slide films I got off the Lomography Online Store with my piggies!

Credits: 186juney

Which camera would you like to get your hands on next?
Fritz the Blitz flash! Or a 35mm back for the Holga 120 CFN would be extremely ideal. In addition though, panoramic shots have a very special spot in my heart. The Horizon Kompakt was on my list before I finally decided on the Sprocket Rocket a year ago. However, a simple point-and-shoot such as the Superheadz UWS is equally appealing and high on my list.

Your advice to future LC-Wide users?
Slide films. And shoot, shoot, SHOOT!

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