Analogue Day Activity: Put together a time capsule.


At a time and age when people can go down memory lane with just a few clicks, how many of us still make time capsules, or even know about them? Familiar or not with this project, it’s something you should try…how about today?

Children watch on as a time capsule is buried in 1949 in a courthouse lawn in Forsyth County, North Carolina. Photo via"

Strictly defined, a time capsule is “a receptacle containing documents or objects typical of the current period, placed in the earth or in a cornerstone for discovery in the future.” There are three keywords here that should give you an idea about what it involves: “receptacle,” “current period,” and “discovery in the future.”

To put together a time capsule, therefore, you need to gather some objects and memorabilia from the present to put in a sturdy container, then bury it or put it away somewhere for discovery later. For a Lomo Time Capsule, you might want to put there some prints of your best lomographs, print-outs of your best articles, favorite instant photos with your friends, and other analogue mementos like film canisters, film boxes, collages, postcards, a copy of your favorite photobook, and magazine pages. You may even write your future self a letter, something to give an idea about the what things were like at the time you put together the time capsule.

Examples of items placed inside time capsules. Photos via University of Adelaide Digital Library, Firepower for Good, and Bunch.

Then, pick a date for opening your time capsule — 5, 10, or 15 years from the present. To finish, proceed to putting your time capsule somewhere in your house or bury your time capsule in your backyard. But, do put a marker that says something like, “Here is a time capsule to be opened on ______.” Make sure you resist the urge to open it before the set date!

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