Blast from the Past: Singapore's Top Articles for September 2012


Summer’s coming to an end and the greenery will soon be a tousle of red and yellow hues. Singapore is welcoming the autumn winds and saying goodbye to the summer sun. Let’s see how September handled Lomography Singapore’s analogue antics!

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Red, brown, yellows in the sky – autumn’s in the air and to summer goodbye. We’re on our ninth installment of our blast-from-the-past series and we’ve had such a great time looking back on Lomography Singapore’s analogue antics! I wonder what Singapore’s going to have in store for the upcoming year!

Enough about the future, let’s get back to the past. What ranked at first for September 2012 in Singapore? I’ll give you a hint, it’s a film and it suits the season.

Credits: jennson, bccbarbosa, suizidekid, ah_sher & svenevs

If you guessed Lomography Redscale Film, you got it right! Lomographers wrote about how to make your Lomography Redscale Film look it’s best and even some tips and tricks on shooting indoors. Take a look at these rad articles: Rad Redscales: Who Says you Can’t Shoot Redscale Indoors?, Ready for Redscale: Make Your Redscales Look Their Best! and Rad Redscales: How to Enjoy the Full Redscale Spectrum from your Film.

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Maybe Lomography Redscale Film isn’t your thing, you can get the World Finest Grain Avaliable Through The Kodak Ektar 100!. It’ll be sure to satisfy your color saturation cravings and deliver the finest grain!

Credits: illegaltender

While your indoors shooting your Lomography film, you might as well do a little something for your hard-working Lomography cameras and start up The Ultimate Project: Creating a Lomo House. I’m sure your little gizmos will appreciate the cozy home for them to kick off their rolls of film and snuggle up with a lens cap.

Now, about that new LomoHome of yours. I’m sure your Lomography cameras are craving for a companion as cute and adorable as the Lomography Fish Eye Baby 110. Not sure if he’s the right choice? Take a look at why I am so Attached to the Fisheye Baby Now and read all about this Little Fish, Big World: Shooting with the Lomography Fisheye Baby 110

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The Future is Analogue.

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