Blast from the Past: Singapore's Top Articles for August 2012


One month down, another to go. Lomography Singapore has been spending every waking second snapping away at their summer adventures! Keep reading to see what they were up to last August…

Credits: lawypop

Mirror, mirror, on the wall – whose the greatest of them all? Seeing double was a hot topic in July, and we saw the trend carry over into August 2012. Who knows, maybe double exposures are the greatest of them all.

Credits: kaelcat

Unless you’re a newbie to Lomography, you probably know how to pull a double exposure yourself – maybe even a triple. I’m sure you’ve all accidentally taken a double exposure one time or another. Last summer, one dazzling Lomographer wanted to share with us how to take Dazzling Otherworldly Doubles with Your Camera.

Some Lomographers even took the chance of exploring the new Garden at the Bay, next to Marina Reservoir, with a only double exposures in mind! Take a look at their Urban Adventure at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Credits: izadrazi

Doubles a little too old school for you and you want to try something a little more adventurous? Uncle_jay decided to mix and match lenses with cameras for a completely different photographic experience. Read all about his Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens + Nikon SLR Mount Adaptor: The Creative Barrel Lens For Still Life And Landscapes

Credits: uncle_jay

Wanna join in on the Lomography Singapore Community fun? Submit your own article or share your photos of Singapore with us – be sure to tag them with “Singapore” so they’ll be alongside other posts from the Singapore Community!

The Future is Analogue.

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