Fritz the Blitz: Hell Yeah Power Up All Your Cameras! 101 on the Fritz the Blitz Adapter Kit

2013-03-11 3

Would’t be awesome to have the power of the Fritz the Blitz in all your cameras? Well, now you can. See how handy is the “Fritz the Blitz” Adapter kit, and power up all your babies with Lomography’s mightiest flash.

Lomography is always looking to please all the needs and wishes of our beloved community, and this time they brought us the tools to literally power up all our Lomo cameras or any other cameras, by introducing the “Fritz the Blitz Adapter Kit”.

What are the advantages of having the adapter kit?
Well there are plenty, if you have a La Sardina, you will know by now how handy and powerful it is when combined with the Fritz the Blitz. Now imagine having that power in every single one of your cameras. It does’t matter whether your camera has a hot shoe entrance or the standard, with all the stuff in the kit you will be able to pimp any camera.

Are you bringing the 110 format back to life?
If you are a brave and lucky Lomographer with a Diana or Fisheye Baby in your hands, then the “Fritz the Blitz Adapter Kit” is a must have. with this kit you will be able to put to the limit your beloved tiny camera, and explore the full capacity of the 110 format.

In my personal experience, the adapter kit has been one of my best acquisitions in the Lomo store. It has provided all my cameras with the ability of night shoots, and now I can fully explore the abilities of Lomography’s most powerful flash.

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  1. d-dawg
    d-dawg ·

    What is the cable beneath the Fritz the Blitz Flash in the 2nd picture, and where can I get it? From the item description, it doesn't mention that this particular cable is included in the Fritz the Blitz Adapter Kit. Thanks a lot.

  2. snapmehecatl
    snapmehecatl ·

    that cable is included in the kit

  3. buttonmunch
    buttonmunch ·

    Can you use Fritz the Blitz with Polaroid Land Cameras?

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