Perfect Combination: Getting Lucky SHD 100 With The Olympus PEN EE-2


Small, compact, totally unobtrusive and when used with a roll of cheap black and white film, it’s great as an everyday ‘just shoot don’t think’ camera.

Sometimes, when I’m not sure what I’m going to encounter in my daily commute, routine or just want to wander around my neighbourhood mindlessly, I’ll load up my Olympus PEN EE-2 half-frame with a roll of Lucky SHD 100 black and white film. All I need to remember is to keep the subject at least 1.5 metres away and it should be in focus.

Why does this combination work? Well, for me, it really goes back to the basics. First of all, the camera is a point-and-shoot camera with 28mm lens but it offers twice the fun as it’s a half frame. So all I really need to remember is composition, which I’m still working on improving.

Second, this is really another good street camera for black and white photography. I have personally pushed the Lucky SHD 100 film up to ISO800 with my LC-A+, but for the Olympus PEN EE-2, ISO 400 is as fast as it can go, which is good enough for my photography preference and usage.

I was lucky (no pun intended) to purchase a bunch of Lucky SHD 100 cheaply. Even though there are other better black and white films available, which I do have in my film chest, the Olympus PEN EE-2 and the Lucky SHD 100 have been designated as the go-to choice for general street photography this year – or until I exhaust my supply of Lucky SHD 100 films.

written by uncle_jay on 2013-03-01 #lifestyle #bw #lucky #random #street-photography #100 #singapore #olympus #pen #ee2 #ee-2

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