The Ruins of Miletus (Balat in Turkish).


Another great ruined city in Turkey. Let me show you the ruins and the big theater !

Hard to believe, but Miletos is one of the oldest cities of Ionia, located north of Soke, about 60 km away from Kusadasi.
The city was on the point where the Buyuk Menderes (“Meander”) flew into the Aegean Sea. Because of the alluviums, Miletos has been remote several times from sea, which explains that one can see today different harbors.

When you arrive at the zone of the ruins, the magnificent theater of the city appears in sight at first. The theater had been constructed during the Hellenistic period and, it acquired its present characteristics by means of the annexes made during the Roman period. The walls of the front facade of the theater, are 140 m long and 30 m high, and are an interesting example of stone workmanship. This theater was large enough to hold 15.000 people, and a fortress was built upon it during the Byzantine period.

Miletos was also the city of many scientists and philosophers such as Thales, Anaximander, and closer to us, Isidorus, the architect of St. Sofia in Istanbul.

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