Discovering Valencia


Valencia is a beautiful city with plenty of interesting things to see and do. It is the perfect place for a short vacation getaway.

Valencia is located on the Spanish east coast. Even though I like nothing better than spending my vacation near the sea, Valencia has plenty more to offer than just beautiful beaches.

The famous “City of Arts and Sciences” is an amazing place. It is a unique complex devoted to science and culture that has hosted some of Europe’s largest exhibitions, such as the Marvel Comic Book Collection and a robotic dinosaur exhibit. The most interesting aspect of the CAS is its architecture, a master piece designed by Calatrava. Even if you shot a thousand lomographs of these buildings, you wouldn’t get tired, thanks to the never-ending play of contrasting blue and white.

If you like to spend some time relaxing, out in the sun, you could visit the largest beach in the city, Malvarrosa. Thanks to its size, you will have plenty of space to stretch out on the sand and go for a swim in the cool water.

Another interesting place to visit is the Albufera Nature Reserve, home to millions of ducks, fish and birds. It’s a peaceful place, with the sun reflecting off the water while taking a boat ride and admiring the stunningly beautiful vegetation. Albufera is certainly is a place not to be missed.

And of course, there is also the old historic center of Valencia, with its Town Hall, railway station, cathedral, Serrano towers, the market and plenty of small secluded streets and passageways.

As I said before, Valencia has more to offer than sea and sand. If you spend a few days there, you’ll find Valencia will pleasantly surprise you.

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