Alte Donau/Lichterfest with Fireworks

A paradise for any Vienna enthusiasts! Need we say more? Read on to know more about this fantastic location!

For Vienna enthusiasts, this is paradise on earth – electric-powered boats on the old Danube! There is no slower preoccupation; there is no state nearly as carefree or painless and with a bit of fantasy you can imagine yourself on the Okavango-Delta, the Amazons, the Jang Tse Kiang or in the Appalachian mountains on a butterfly chase – despite being surrounded by allotment garden cottages with water bridges and the Viennese barbecuing (preferably stark naked).

Our tip: plan around 3 to 6 hours for your trip on open water, with regular pit stops at the countless gastronomy establishments right on the shore (particularly recommended: Birner, Hofbauer, Zur Alten Kaisermühle, Kukis Kombüse). “Gespritzter” white wine enhances your well-being! And the highlight of the year: the “Lichterfest” (literally: light party) with sensational fireworks that can be enjoyed from your privately chartered elector-, row- or sailing-boat. This happens every year in July.

location: old danube/alte donau, 1220 vienna | how to get there: metro u1 to alte donau. go to one of the numerous boat rentals nearby and rent your boat

by Matthias Fiegl

written by fookshit on 2009-11-11 #places #culture #festival #vienna #location #vienna-city-guide #city-guide-vienna

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