Strolling through Retiro Park


Let me take you on a short walk trough Retiro Park in Madrid and introduce my favorite places.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve spent numerous afternoons in the park, running, playing, skating or riding my bike. Later on, I used to come here with my boyfriends, chatting away the summer days, sitting on the lawns, and carving our initials on benches and trees. Now that I am all grown up, I still love to come here, skating or walking through the park, visiting the art exhibits or looking for treasures on the book fair.

Regardless of the season, the varying landscapes of Retiro Park are always a joy. Close to the entrance on Alcalá street, you will find the artificial waterfalls and “the little fisherman’s cottage”, one of my personal favorites. The cottage is surrounded by a beautiful green lawn and a pond filled with ducks, floating around and hoping that passing kids will feed them. Currently, the fisherman’s cottage houses the parks information center.

Following the main road will eventually take you to the lake. Hot or cold, you’ll always find people floating around in small boats, feeding the fish. Luckily you don’t need to be a real sailor to enjoy a trip on the lake. During the weekend, entertainment sprouts all around the lake: there are tarot readers, music bands, cartoon artists, clowns making balloon animals and puppet theaters. Food stands selling chips, ice cream and coconuts keep everybody satisfied.

A short walk from the lake lies my favorite place, the crystal palace. This beautiful palace was built in 1887 and often hosts art exhibitions. Magic happens here in autumn, when the reflections of the surrounding trees color the palace orange and green.

If you continue along the path, you will find the Palacio de Velázquez. The palace was recently restored and is now home to exhibitions organized by the Queen Sofia Art Museum in Madrid.

In short, Retiro Park offers lots of beautiful places, such as waterfalls, a rose garden, statues, fountains, palaces, the “forest of memories” (established in honor of the victims of March 11). I have shown you some of my favorite places, you should pay us a visit and discover more.

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translated by sandravo

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