Holga in the Sun: Multiple Exposures in El Parque del Retiro


Loads of tricks have been shared about how to get the perfect multiple exposure shot. Which is why I won’t focus so much on how, but rather on where and what camera to use. I will show you my favorite place to take my Holga out of my bag, trip the shutter as often as I like, and don’t move on to the next frame until I feel like it.

Credits: alina_lakitsch

The debate on Holga vs. Diana seems like an endless cat fight. Truth is they both have their strengths and they both have their weaknesses. Contrary to most, I have a soft spot for my Holga.

And that’s because she, like me, loves the sunshine. I can hear some of you thinking that Holga and the sun make for a bad combination. Admittedly, its back cover opens too easy and light leaks do occur frequently, but it’s nothing that can’t be solved. Whenever I put in a new reel, I simply cover all the gaps on my little big red girl with tape. And as soon as the sun comes out, cute as she is, she is the first of all my cameras I’ll take for walk.

Credits: alina_lakitsch

Where do I take her? By far, my favorite place in Madrid is the Parque del Retiro. With its 118 acres it offers a thousand interesting things for me to point my camera at.

The gardens, the river, the statues, the rose garden, the Spanish Gate, the fountains, the crystal palace… Though all are very attractive, my personal favorite is the monument of Alfonso XII. Its beauty and perfect location in front of the pond make for a charmingly adorable picture. In spring, the green water of the pond combined with the colorful bursts of the boats, flowers, sky, trees, clouds and even my feet, make magic happen inside my Holga. And I love it!

Credits: alina_lakitsch

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