CD Jacket? Photo Frame? A 2-in-1 DIY Present!

2013-03-01 4

I thought about how to make an inexpensive present that would bring back good memories about any place, as well as combine photography, music, and crafts.

After having browsed a number of blogs without finding anything convincing, I decided to create the object of my imagination myself. It should be jacket for CDs with samplers of Brasilian music as well as a photo frame. Here it is:


  • chipboard (not to thick)
  • cardstock
  • photos
  • CD lables
  • CDs with suitable music
  • cutter
  • scissors
  • craft glue


Cut a piece of chipboard according to the length required for the number of CDs. The minimum is 2 so that it can stand up as an open frame. I recommend to have an even number, as this way no CD remains exposed and unprotected when the frame is closed.

I have used chipboard because it is sturdy, but you can also use cardstock.

I have made it for 4 CDs by cutting a 52.2 × 12.8 cm rectangle leaving some guidelines for folding. There is a 12.8 cm section for each CD. As it will be folded like an accordion there will be parallel score lines on the inside and the outside (I think the photo explains this better than my words).

For the inside score lines you need to take into consideration that the thickness of the CD does not allow simple folding, so it is necessary to leave a 0.5 cm gutter.

Measurements according to the desired number of CDs:

  • 2 CDs: 12,8 + 0,5 + 12,8 = 26,1
  • 4 CDs: 12,8 + 0,5 + 12,8 + 12,8 + 0,5 + 12,8 = 52,2
  • 6 CDs: 12,8 + 0,5 + 12,8 + 12,8 + 0,5 + 12,8 + 12,8 + 0,5 + 12,8 = 78,3
  • and so on

Step 2

Cut a window in each rectangular section. Mine are 9 by 9 cm as I wanted to use square photographs. Ensure that they are accurately centered.

Step 3

Now we need a CD jacket. They are sold in stationery shops, but I decided to make them from cardstock, using two 12.8 × 12.8 cm pieces for each. They have three flaps (although I made one with two flaps and then the process became complicated). I cut a semi circle out of one piece per pair (the top one) to make it easier to take out the CD.

Apply craft glue to the flaps of the top piece and adhere it to the bottom piece.

Now we have a cover already, but still with three loose flaps (the ones on the bottom piece).

Step 4

Glue the CD pocket to the chipboard base using the three loose flaps.

The chipboard frame is now finished.

Step 5

Print photos for the frames. I printed 6 for 4 frames so that if I am fed up with one I can change it.

I printed them in a 9.5 × 9.5 cm format, leaving a white margin around them, so that they measure 12 × 12 cm including the margin. This size fits perfectly into the 12.8 × 12.8 space. In addition, as the image (9.5 × 9.5) is larger than the chipboard window (9 × 9), you can be sure that the white margin is not visible when the photos are tucked in.

Step 6

Select a good compilation of music and burn it on the CDs. In my case the music and the photos are complementary and remind me of a trip with my parents. You can personalise the CDs with CD labels, which are sold in many stationery shops.

Whatever the brand of the labels, just input its name in a search engine and you will probably find free software for download to design your labels. However, I used photos from the trip mentioned above.

Step 7

That’s it! Put your CDs in their jackets and photos in the frames.

Now you can give them away as a present.

written by xaviru on 2013-03-01 #gear #tutorials #music #memories #diy #tutorial #photos #tipster #cd #manual #do-it-yourself #frame
translated by tamaraschi


  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Excellent idea!

  2. alexyz
    alexyz ·

    great idea! *_*

  3. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    This looks so cool!

  4. xaviru
    xaviru ·

    thanks for translating @tamaraschi! :-)

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